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One of the books I think a serious student of theology should read, is a book by Nancey Murphy on theological method. Murphy is a professor at Fuller Seminary in Los Angeles.

The book, Beyond Liberalism & Fundamentalism : How Modern and Postmodern Philosophy Set the Theological Agenda, is a clear and very accessible book on the two main paradigms that dominate in theology today. She gives a fair presentation of the both theological liberalism and fundamentalism, and their common basis, namely foundationalism. The book then also help us better to understand our own theology by offering an method to analyse our own fundamental understanding of

  • God’s relationship to the world and his mode of action within his world
  • the nature of revelation
  • religious experience
  • Scripture

and how these interact with each other.

In part two she also offers what she names the third way, a new way of doing philosophy and therefore also theology. The third way overcomes weaknesses that both liberal theology and fundamentalist theology have.


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