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Recently a Norwegian member of parliament (the “Storting”) was discovered to have called a fortune teller 58 times. The Storting therefore stopped paying her mobile phone bills. She has promised to pay back what she owes. Although it certainly is a valid question whether the Norwegian tax payers should pay for all the conversations that a public servant has, I think the most interesting question is her actual use of a fortune teller to help her in her (personal or work related) decision making.

I think it’s vital that a politician is able to listen to advice, if not, all options will not be explored and given weight. It is Christian virtue to seek other people to hear out and find better solutions than what yourself may come up with. But is any help helpfull?

What about Christian politicians that pray for God’s guidance? What about a Christian leader that goes to the Pope or a bishop to ask for advice? While praying may be considered superstition by some (like the use of fortune tellers), going to a living person is not the same. Perhaps the person you consult is not competent to give advice, but he still might give an advise you can refuse.

And God does not send you letters on a stone tablet. God is not an prayer automate, he does not give out advise or answers like a machine. He is something more, and when praying to him we express our relationship to him, our trust in him and our hope in him. He may – or not – intervene.

Politics is messy buisness, but it is important buisness. And we all need advise, especially politicians. I just hope that the one I voted for does not seek help in the stars but in their fellow human being (and of course God).


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