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In Illo Tempore

It’s winter time; dark, cold and the beginning of Advent. Although I’ve hardly any time for serious reading and contemplation some poetry hit the seasonal tone in me:

The big missal splayed
and dangled silky ribbons
of emerald and purple and watery white.

Intransitively we would assist,
confess, receive. The verbs
assumed us. We adored.

And we lifted our eyes to the nouns.
Altar-stone was dawn and monstrance noon,
the word rubric itself a bloodshot sunset.

Now I live by a famous strand
where seabirds cry in the small hours
like incredible souls

and even the range wall of the promenade
that I press down on for conviction
hardly tempts me to credit it.

(Seamus Heaney, from Sweeney Redivivus 1984)


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