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Today is allegedly the day when Doctor Martin Luther hung his famous 95 theses on the door of the Church in Wittenberg, the spark that spun to a great reformation and schism in the Church. One of my favourite paintings of this event is one where a small Luther uses a small hammer, nailing his flyers to the huge church door. The blows that shook the great Church.

Today even Catholic theologians and church historians value his work as a church reformer. Cardinal Walter Kasper recently said, in connection with the upcoming Luther Decade, that the Catholic Church can learn a lot from Luther (1). Luther was according to Kasper “full of the power of faith”, something that is clearly seen in his thesis. He believed that he was right, and his conscience drove him to fight for his cause. He was a reformer, and the reformation he and other reformers undertook was to change a world.

Luther’s view of God’s righteousness and how the human being were to be reconciled with his creator, shifted the focus from the Church as an institution to the individual and his or hers saving faith. The way I see it, Luther made possible the modern understanding of the human being. That is one of the things to keep in mind as we wait for 2017.

(1) Ekklesia.co.uk, 24 September


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